Luxury Furniture for Compact Living Rooms

Consoles, armchairs, side tables and multipurpose pieces for spaces with area - restraint

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In today's rapidly urbanizing world, metropolitan cities accommodate more people than the space available. The limitation has resulted in innovation in planning to optimize the maximum usage out of the minimum area. Modern furniture designers use their ingenuity to create a functional layout in compact spaces. The living room is the first space that greets you as you enter a home, and it should be designed to be aesthetic, welcoming and practical. Here is a guide to styling luxury furniture in living rooms with area restraints.

1. Styling with proportions
A room looks aesthetically pleasing when it has a symmetric and balanced layout. It is recommended to start with large furniture like sofas in the room's periphery to allow for lighter products and flow of mo vement in the middle. Then, you can style the smaller products to face the focus in the living room, which could be a coffee table or a T.V. screen. When investing in lifestyle furniture from online furniture sites or physical stores, it's essential to fac tor in the size and placement before making the purchase.

2. Utilize sight lines
Despite a limitation on real estate to work with, your living room can look voluminous by considering ceiling heights in the design. Using a floor lamp or chandelier, you can br eak the monotony of similar - sized furniture with different heights. For example, a wall - mounted book shelf or display unit can draw the eye upwards while saving valuable floor space.

3. Multifunctional furniture is economical
Bulky furniture can be used as a nchors in a space and are versatile in their function. For example, large credenzas can be used to spatially demarcate the dining area from the living room without compromising space. Similarly, footstools and low seats can be placed next to the sofa and r econfigured in the living room during parties. Bonus: A dining table can double up as the ideal work - from - home furniture, so you won't have to work in isolation.

4. There is always room for accessories
A compact living room is a living room, nonetheless! Whi le luxury furniture serves its purpose, it is essential to pick pieces that are visually compatible with each other. For example, modern silhouettes and brass accents in bar consoles and door designs can tie the room together. Moreover, curtains, lights and artwork can unify a look. At Quba Homes, we have a bespoke collection of living room designs for your abode.

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