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Bespoke creations provide a differentiator for Furniture end-users.

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As designers , we are witnessing noticeable shifts in consumer purchasing patterns. Most homeowners prefer local furniture and décor brands that support local art and craft, preferring to employ local skills and materials over imported ones. There is also a revived appreciation for local artisanal skills, which have benefited furniture firms in incorporating our established craft forms into f urniture design and giving them new significance for our modern lifestyles. This increased consumer awareness has resulted in a shift in strategy for us at Quba Homes to tap the market for customised , handmade , and one - of - a - kind furniture.

The Differentiator
Since diversification in design becomes necessary beyond a point, borrowing from Rome, neoclassicism in its purest form is a resurgence of the many classical aesthetics and ideals from earlier times. The opportunity to differentiate allows us to create bespoke transitional designs with the fusion of artisanal and neoclassical elements.

These are lighter designs that take their cue from classic features and merge them with the use of fewer details were substituted for traditional characteristics like curves and strong articulation so that the beauty and texture of the original material could show.

Curating that near - perfect piece
Every piece of furniture adds value to a space. Any object that performs a utilitarian function ca n better accomplish its goal if it takes cues from its context. Craft governs the process . It represents a continually improving dialogue between material and technique , in which the material becomes a form generator. Indian art and design have a symbiotic relationship. As a result of the interactions with talented artisans, experts have been reinterpreting the conventional practices for something new, unique expressions over the years by experimenting with regional tales, local talents, and materials. Addi tionally, they implement distinct elements from the neoclassical style to blend a freshly curated bespoke range of furniture .

Selecting furniture from a store or designing it is a tall - order task with various options. It is often worked out under two inst ances, sticking to a theme or contradicting it with the furniture as an element. Curating artisanal furniture requires balancing comfort, workmanship, utility and beauty. Bringing in the much - required quirk is the fusion that people desire through an array of styles, neoclassical in the case of Quba Homes. The goal is to provide consumers with a bespoke range of furniture which they can resonate with, allowing curators to differentiate what the markets offer

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